"Sealing Wounds"


"And Mama Keeps 'Em Growing"

Mohamed Elhassan is a junior at Hammond High School in Columbia, Maryland. He is from Sudan and currently resides in Maryland. His work mainly incorporates his strong views on animal rights, nature, and climate change in its subtle yet powerful visual metaphors. He has received an Honorable Mention award in the 2020 Scholastic Art & Writing Awards contest. He is forthcoming in Riggwelter and has also been published in the 2020 Interlochen Review. Aside from drawing, Mohamed loves singing tunes and running under the warm sun.



Gaia Rajan lives in Andover, MA. She's the Managing Editor of The Courant. Her work has previously appeared or is forthcoming in Rust+Moth, Hobart, Kissing Dynamite, Glass Poetry, Eunoia Review, Mineral Lit, and elsewhere. She hopes you have a wonderful day.


"Broken Trauma in a Coronavirus Quarantine"

Sarah Fathima Mohammed is a Muslim-American emerging writer and high schooler from the San Francisco Bay Area. Her work appears or is forthcoming in Canvas Literary Journal, Rattle, Eunoia Review, and The Rising Phoenix Review, and has been recognized by the Alliance for Young Artists & Writers. She attended the Iowa Young Writers’ Studio in 2020. When she is not writing, she teaches English to homeless students living in shelters and enjoys archery.


"american promise"

Amy Li is a rising sophomore at Richmond Hill High School. In addition to writing, she enjoys photography, playing piano, and procrastinating. You can find her on Instagram @twinkie_pamphlet.


"a late-night sacrifice"

Yong-Yu Huang is a rising junior attending an American international school in Malaysia. Her work has been previously published by the Heritage Review, Eunoia Review, and The Rising Phoenix Review, among others. She is a Second Reader for Polyphony and is currently a TA for the Incandescent Review's Summer Studio. Yong-Yu also founded her school creative writing club/lit mag. In her free time, she enjoys playing the flute and watching Doctor Who.


"a list of things that would comfort the sisters"

"Waxing Gibbous"

Hannah Cohen is an aspiring poet and explorer. When not doing the latter, you can find her outside with a cup of tea, a good book, and a passion for politics and social justice.


"Ode to Cardamom Children"

Kanchan Naik is a junior at The Quarry Lane School in Dublin and the Teen Poet Laureate for the City of Pleasanton. Kanchan is the Youth Editor of the India Currents Magazine and the Editor-in-chief of Quarry Lane’s news-zine The Roar. When she’s not doodling or writing poetry, she is most likely untangling her earphones or looking for something that happens to be -- much like herself -- lost.


"Fēng-Liáng" (first published in The Heritage Review)

Avalon Felice Lee is an Asian-American Californian. She has been writing poetry and prose since the age of eleven. When not writing, she’s probably practicing cello, assaulting the ears of her neighbors.


"she smells like ash"

 Jaiden Thompson is a young writer from Washington state, looking for their soul through writing verse and prose on occasion. As a raging member of the LGBT community, their poems more than often venture into queer themes and concepts. Other motifs within their writing include religion/mythology, racism, and the struggles of adolescence. Their work has previously been published in Cathartic Youth Literary Magazine, The Heritage Review, and The Young Writer's Initiative (under the name of Jayden instead of Jaiden as they have recently undergone a name change). 



Abigail Swoboda is a queer, nonbinary poet based in Philadelphia, PA, where they are currently pursuing their M.A. in English at Temple University. There, they also teach French, amateur bird watch, and read tarot. In their work, they seek to explore abrasive domesticity, mistaken motherhood, and tenderness found in fractured places.



Jasmine Kapadia is a poet and high schooler. She is a JUST POETRY!!! topical winner, has been recognized by the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards and has been published by the Eunoia Review, Scribere Magazine, and The Rising Phoenix Review, among others. Find her on Instagram @jazzymoons


by virtue of our bondage"

Amy Liu is a 16-year-old poet based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania who is passionate about leading social activism via poetry. As a woman of color, she firmly believes in education and awareness through literature. Her work has been published in Neshaminy Journal, Her Culture, and more. 



Robert Beveridge (he/him) makes noise ( and writes poetry in Akron, OH. Recent/upcoming appearances in Red Coyote Review, Deep South Magazine, and Aromatica Poetica, among others.