Abhirami Nair is a 12th grader who dreams of running away to a nice little French village with cartons of paperbacks and writing poetry in the woods. When she’s not daydreaming or hyping her internet friends up, she can be found dancing to Bollywood love songs from the 70s and writing poems about the human experience.


"Broken Trauma in a Coronavirus Quarantine"

Sarah Fathima Mohammed is a Muslim-American emerging writer and high schooler from the San Francisco Bay Area. Her work appears or is forthcoming in Canvas Literary Journal, Rattle, Eunoia Review, and The Rising Phoenix Review, and has been recognized by the Alliance for Young Artists & Writers. She attended the Iowa Young Writers’ Studio in 2020. When she is not writing, she teaches English to homeless students living in shelters and enjoys archery.


"behind the trees"

Amy Liu is a woman of color and 16-year-old poet based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Her poetry is featured in National Braille Press, Neshaminy Journal, Her Culture, etc.


"ATM explosions they're calling them"


Parker Sera is a queer, midwestern Jew, horse girl, poet, actor, and theatre-maker from Minneapolis. Her work has appeared in Knack Magazine and the 11/9 Anthology. She lives in Philadelphia where she’s working on her MFA in Acting at Temple University.


"To the people who snuck into my grandfather's house and shot up sweet heroin in my childhood bathroom"

Amour (with a heavy emphasis on her middle name) Maorie Ellis lives in New Jersey. She is a sophomore at Phillips Academy and is the Prose Editor for her school’s literary magazine, The Courant. Her most defining characteristic is that she floods her house with smoke after making churros with the oil on too high. Every time.



"ode to my swingset"

Tia Vasudeva is a rising junior with a growing love for writing. She enjoys cooking, the color green, and rainy mornings that just make you happy to look outside. She often finds herself awake at strange hours of the night waxing lyrics of genius, only to hate it the next morning.



Jessica Kim is a high school writer whose work appears or is forthcoming in Teen Ink, the Daphne Review, and the Heritage Review among others. She also edits for Polyphony Lit. She enjoys long plane rides and large servings of poetry. Besides writing, she spends time solving math problems with no solutions, watching historical movies, and eating cookies without chocolate chips. You can probably check her out at a library.


"Hunting Games"

Amanda Kay is a writer based in the Bay Area and is a rising junior at Santa Clara High School. Her work has been published in This Rising Phoenix ReviewSecond Revolution Magazine, and The Foredge Review, among others. In her free time, she enjoys walking sandy beaches and drinking tea hot enough to burn her throat.


"spectrum sonnet"

 Emily Murman is a poet, illustrator, and educator from the northwest suburbs of Chicago. She holds a Bachelor’s of Arts in Writing from Lake Forest College and graduated in 2018. Emily has been published in Milk + Beans, Okay Donkey, Cease Cows, Peculiars Magazine, The Green Light, and Déraciné and has work forthcoming in Riggwelter. Her debut chapbook, “SHRIVEL + BLOOM,” is forthcoming via Dancing Girl Press in 2020. In April 2019, she was awarded the Gail DeHerder Memorial Prize in Creative Writing. Emily can be found on Twitter @emilymurman. 


"Employees Only"

Born, bred, and based in Singapore, Jowell Tan writes prose & poetry after hours for fun and emotional release. His nights consist of writing, rewriting, watching Youtube videos to avoid writing, and finally, writing again. Please say hello to him on Twitter / Instagram at @jwlltn.


"(Rotted) Trusses & Beams"

Rue Sparks spent a decade working in graphic design, illustration, and animation in top advertising agencies in the United States. They’ve now stepped down from that fast-paced life and spend their time writing. They combine short stories, poetry, illustration, and photography in inventive ways that span the speculative and literary fiction genres.


"Excerpt from Feasibility of Rural Queerness"

Steve Muir is an analog photographer, occasional filmmaker, and even more occasional screenprinter. His work is heavily influenced by growing up queer in a rural and politically red part of Northern California, and by his continual reliance on the broken healthcare system that exists in the United States. He currently resides with his very tall girlfriend and his very tiny dog, just outside Los Angeles.