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With the outbreak of COVID-19, many social justice issues have been brought to the global forefront. Socioeconomic inequality has worsened, the world is ensnared in a devastating financial recession, and anti-Chinese xenophobic sentiment has been overwhelming. Over the last month, America has been left reeling by 100,000 pandemic deaths, 40 million people out of work, and cities in flames over the brutal police killing of George Floyd. These issues and more inspired us to create a digital space dedicated to highlighting the opinions of people around the world who have stories to share, but who are continually silenced by systemic oppression. 


The Aurora Review is a platform for the voices that are too often disregarded, cast aside, and ignored by society. Whether through poetry, prose, photography, or an impassioned blog post, if you're telling your story, we want to hear it and amplify it. With each magazine issue, we hope to shed light on prevalent issues, facilitate compassion among different groups, and foster mutual understanding.

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